They say weddings are one of the most special days you can have in life. You are making a lifetime commitment with the person you love. The day is full of anticipation, celebration, family, friends, decorations, florals, and more. You don't want to miss a thing... I mean, you only get to experience your wedding day once. Yes, there can be more weddings, but noting will ever be the same as THAT day.

I love journeying with each of my couples through their wedding day. As I tell everyone : The Photographer is basically the most exclusive guest of the Wedding Day. We get to be with you as you get ready, get your makeup on, get your boutonnière on your lapel, you wait at the end of the aisle, see each other for the last time as unwed persons, and celebrate with photos once the ceremony is done!

It is a pretty big deal. Choose someone who will make you feel comfortable for the entire time. Choose someone who can capture the love, joy and passion that you share with your partner !