lead photographer: JESS KUNICKI

Photography is the visual journal you want written for you by someone who understands how to capture the emotions behind it. This is where I come in.

I'm Jessica!

( Jess for Short)

I was born in Montreal, QU, raised in Brampton, ON and am now based in Edmonton, AB. I am a wife to Mike, who is my favourite person in the world. I'm a plant mom to Lulu The Monstera, Vera the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Shaggy the Philodendron Hope & many more plant kids. I am of Ghanaian and Filipino Heritage. It is intersting being a mixed kid in todays culture. I believe I am the only Blackapino

I am a lover of Third Wave Coffee shops, rugby games, John Mayer, Free People/ Anthropologie clothing and love a good Almond Milk Matcha Latte.

Photography started off as a hobby when I was a young girl. I had realized how well pictures capture the essence of who individuals are and tells the story of them in one short click. Naturally, I began experimenting with cameras and have been shooting for 9 years now.

I will be focusing on Wedding, Engagement, Family and Solo Portrait photography. I look forward to capturing the hearts, stories, faces and spaces that you hold dear and love.